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The Way We Perceive Death is a Choice

Rev. Terri Daniel

Channeled Grief Guidance
Afterlife Awareness Education
Clinical Chaplaincy

The Annual
Afterlife Awareness Conference!

Terri Daniel is an interfaith minister, author, hospice worker and intuitive spiritual counselor who teaches meditation, intuition development and after-death communication as tools for navigating the death, dying and grieving process.

Terri works with groups and individuals to help them see the connection between a death -- either unexpected or anticipated -- and the growth it provides for friends and family members who are profoundly changed by the experience. In this sense, any death, no matter how tragic, has a purpose, and the ability to see that purpose helps survivors feel less victimized and allows the grief process to be embraced with love and acceptance.

Based on the understanding that we are more than just these physical bodies and our souls have a specific purpose that is fulfilled by our experiences on earth, the bereaved find comfort in realizing that a loved one's death was not senseless or without meaning.

Terri speaks from experience.

In 2006, her teenage son died after an eight-year struggle with a degenerative disorder that transformed him from an active, healthy seven year-old into a wheelchair-bound teenager who'd lost the ability to speak, and required full-time care. Terri lovingly nurtured him through his illness and death, and soon after his death she began to receive telepathic messages from him. He began “speaking” to her on a regular basis, guiding her to publish his words in a book that would have a unique perspective, not just on the journey of the soul, but on the dynamics of personal relationships and the power of meditation and forgiveness to transform them.

Danny's messages, against a backdrop of Terri's life as a caregiver, became the foundation for her book, which was published in 2008. As a result of these experiences, Terri now provides channeled grief guidance and afterlife awareness education to hospice professionals, the bereaved and anyone interested in after-death communication.

Terri's first channeled book, A Swan In Heaven: Conversations Between Two Worlds is based on after-death dialogs between Terri and her son Danny, who left the physical plane in 2006.




Terri's 2010 book, Embracing Death: A New Look at Grief, Gratitude and God examines cultural myths about the afterlife and offers a path to alternative perceptions via meditation, visualization and after-death communication.

Turning the Corner on Grief Street: Loss and Bereavement as a Journey to Awakening

We will all face the death of a loved one at some point in our lives, and inevitably, we will face our own deaths as well. Terri Daniel's new book,Turning the Corner on Grief Street begins where her previous books  left off, by assuming  that we are ready to accept these experiences as not only necessary for spiritual growth, but also as sacred journeys that can elevate our perspectives and expand us rather than annihilate us. 

"There is no judgment
anywhere in the universe.
When you realize this,
death can no longer be a mystery."

"As a grief guidance facilitator working with assistance from the Other Side, I've walked the grief journey with individuals from every religious perspective. Those who've lost a child or lost a loved one in a tragic manner, have one primary question... why?

I help them understand that every one of us is connected and no death happens in a vacuum. We are all a part of soul families that make pre-birth agreements to act out certain plans, and sometimes a "tragic" death is part of that plan. When you look at it with a wider view, when you see it as a part of the whole, as a trigger to increase awareness for the soul group, the victim aspect falls into the background, and a greater understanding of that death can be realized."

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